Monday, July 3, 2017

ICAD 2017!!!

With some prompting from a certain LB,  I tried a few of the challenges, I didn't jump in until it was half way and I really like the fun. ICAD stands for Index Card A Day and there are 61 days and my first one was day 32, I have a couple more on my desk in various stages  These are 3 X 5 index cards, those flimsy lined "recipe" type.

First I covered the card with Spiced Orange and stared at it to see what I could do with it then I remembered an old SU set called "in the wild" so I stamped the elephants and then I was transported to a Sunset in the Serengeti 

Day 34 Prompt 4th of July,  but since I'm Canadian I also had to make one for Canada Day which is July 1st.  150 years.
So far I only have  two finished but hope to finish the  week and start on Week 6 soon,

Thanks for visiting, 


Donna said...

Nice job Barb!!!
These are awesome!!

Tracy said...

I love your Canadian ICAD...but then again being Canadian, I love anything to do with our great country :)