Saturday, March 14, 2015

How about a little St. Patrick’s day Treat?

I usually make treats for the ladies at our bowling league and I was so busy at Valentine’s I missed making treats for them so decided to make some for St. Patrick’s Day. I bought a bag of Lindt candies at Winners a couple of weeks ago, they were just a small treat so made a match book holder. Since I was making 30 of them I needed it to be simple so I made my own design. Measurements will follow.
Here are 6 of them, I used my St. Patrick’s day Fluffles Stamp of course it is the only one I have.
the cardstock measures 6 1/2 X 2 inches and scored at 1/2 inch 3 1/2 and 3 3/4.  Fold up the 1/2 inch section and I used some score tape but it really didn’t stick well with the pressure of the flap so put two staples in along the bottom. There isn’t really a lot to do although it needs a sentiment and I don’t have a St. Patrick’s day one.
Here is the creamy chocolate treat I taped to the inside -
Side view of the holder.
Thanks for stopping by today and come back again soon, you are always welcome.


Chris Dring said...

Barb, this is adorable! I bet the ladies really loved this - I would!

Lynn's Place said...

OMGosh how cute an so thoughtful of you...great job...tfs

Tracy said...

Your St Patty's Day match book looks so yummy…I mean adorable ;)

Tracy said...

Oh yes, about the Pocket letters, I have no way of contacting you as I don't see a contact email for you on here.
Yes, I try to keep the embellishments flat for mailing….I still haven't mailed mine out yet, so not 100% sure about the regular mail.

Jessi Fogan said...

These are just adorable! And yummy :)