Saturday, July 24, 2021

C is for Colourful!!!

 A new challenge is on at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers 

What an awesome graphic Lee did for Edna for Colourful, and she sure is colourful don't you think?

Of course when an awesome challenge comes up what do I do, pull out my AI Golden Oldies stamps and hope for the best. I made my own "colourful" background and I will have instructions at the end. 

Before I send this card I must fix the whte spits behind her head with a bit of pale blue or pink, Just like another time I only see mistakes when I have a picture and it's THERE.  Colured and fussy cut flat attached to the background with red line tape as it is a very shiny background. 

Oveiously when I did some editing I missed lightening this picture, but you can see it clear enough, It's an AI sentiment which of course goes with the AI Girlfriend, I added a timy off cut from the background panel. 

And now for the way I did the background. (btw it was my practice piece)

Using an extra large ziplock back you put a piece of paper or cardstock the size you want inside the back, this is your guide. then with the copic or other alcohol ink markers just scribble I did find the chisel end gave more coverage, then filled in with the point.
Next spritz with rubbing alcohol and immediately add your shiny cardstock down on it and lift up. 
Voila here it is.

I could suggest gloves but I know they are hard to work with, the ink wears off eventually.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to head over to the MAIN BLOG and check out what colourful projects the rest of the design team have done, Check out the fabulously colourful background our Queen Stephanie has made for her card.


Helen said...

LOVE that background Barb! I am so trying this today! And I have to say, that lady looks just like me dancing! LOL! Have a colourful week! ((HUGS)) Helen

Dotty Jo said...

I love this, Barb. Not seen that ASI gal before - she looks brilliant against that gorgeous background, Jo x

Dotty Jo said...

Of course, I meant AI gal... My typing skills are not good today! Jo x

SmilynStef said...

what a fabulous background technique. I'm the same way with photos ... I have lots of do-overs. thanks so much for having me join you.

Lindsey said...

Yours is a background to rival Edna's dress! Beautiful. Your dancing gal is beautifully coloured, too!

JulieP said...

I adore her!!! You really do have the best AI images. I've never tried this background technique but am going to give it a go. This one reminds me of cotton candy....yum!

Donna said...

This is a beautiful combination of all of my favourite colours!!
Love love love it!