Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Baby it's Gold Outside at the Jingle Belles Rock

 Finally managed one card for the Jingle Belles Challenge Baby it's Gold Outside,  You can use Silver or Copper as well too, I stretched it a bit further and with my Gold I ued Green metalic posterboard.  Now it was not the one that was planned but as always having crafting items at two places I left the Blue at home, I also left my guilliotine cutter home too, might be time to buy myself a gift so I have one at each place since I have now left it home more times than I brought it with me.  Here is what I made for the challenge.

There was no easy way to photograph this card, I tried last night but the ott lamp wasn't enough to capture the Gold properly although it's not easy to take pictures of anything shiny. I used a Gina Marie wreath die, cut with gold and with green, The green is flat attached and the gold is elevated. I tried many pieces of patterned papers under the wreath and decided te woodgrain looked the best. 

Closer look at the gold and green wreath.

Finished the inside with an Impression Obsession sentiment and a tree sticker.

I'm adding tis to:

Jingle Belles Rock ~~ Baby it's Gold Outside 

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Lindsey said...

Shine is never easy to photograph, but I totally get the idea here, and the gold and green together are gorgeous!

lauren bergold said...

well you definitely found EXACTLY the right place to photo this beauty and i'm glad bc it's GLORIOUS missus! & yeah... two cutters are a great idea for two craft lairs! so pleased you could join our JINGLE BELES fun, it's always more fun with you!

SmilynStef said...

that wreath is fantastic ... such perfect texture and shimmer ... so glad you joined our GOLDen Christmas at Jingle Belles.

KT Fit Kitty said...

So pretty, Barb! I do adore wreaths - love the gold! Love how you finished the inside. Don't forget Rudolph Day! Just posted my card this morning! Hope all is well, my friend!