Saturday, August 29, 2020

O is for Ocean at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers

Here I am a week late for the challenge, it's been a comedy of errors trying to get this one done,  I have worked on it for days it seems, I went to put it together on Friday and I had used the Ocean background intended for this card, I had to make a new one, well you know it needs time to dry and at the lake where it is humid it took over 12 hours to dry.  So with that done this morning I started early and got the card done guess internet, no phone line either. Neighbour called Bell it will be Wednesday, (never mind what I'm thinking) I called the internet provider, said the wait time was 45 minutes so left my number to call back, two hours later I phoned them back, not very happy. You would think this was my first rodeo by the way she talked to me, anyway long story short appointments made for NEXT weekend (had trouble with her accent) and when I heard $175.00 charge I cancelled the two or three appointments I think I might have had.  Got busy and fixed it myself. By then it was well after 3, so now I'm ready to show you my Ocean card.

Last week I coloured and fussy cut the images sadly one crab had a bit of an accident which I have ingeniously covered up and the eye surgery worked too.  I'm rather impressed with this ocean background it's much better than the original. 
The sentiment was the genius from one of my sistahs and stamped with a timy alpha from Studio G.

Close up of the slightly snarky sentiment (thanks Lindsey)

The look of astonishment one the other ocean critters is priceless.

Thanks for stopping by today and looking forward to your ocean creations you have until Friday at 11.59 to enter at The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.


Lindsey said...

This card was definitely worth the wait! Such a pretty ocean background. And yes, the looks the shrimp and clam are giving the crabs, LOL! Fun card. (And you're welcome! Since I thought of it too late for me, glad you used it!)

Donna said...

UGHHHH sorry you had such a struggle with your internet provider, what a PITA
Your card is awesome though - I love all the little sea creatures and of course the sentiment :D

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello, Barb! Sounds like you've had a lot of fun with your internet provider! Good for you for fixing it yourself! Unbelievable that they would charge $175 - shame on them! Your card is so cute and fun! Funny sentiment too! I like how you tore the paper to make the sand!

Chris Dring said...

This was well worth the wait, as your card is AWESOME! Love that sentiment, and laughing at the expressions on the clam and shrimp! Well done!