Saturday, June 24, 2017

Let's get Arty with the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!!!

I don't know about you but I'm not very "arty" , I'm not into art journals or mixed media although I've collected a lot of equipment because I want to try. I was hoping to start an art journal but alas ran out of time as life got crazy for a couple of weeks. Well the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers are wanting everyone to get Arty for the next two weeks and join us for challenge #87 A is for Arty. After a few false starts, several hours watching videos I finally came up with some watercolouring.

This card is 5 1/4 X 7 1/4 the method I used was ink the Stampin'up large bg stamp with versamark watermark and embossed in white on watercolour paper. Using a paintbrush I wet the sections of flower and then using Ken Oliver's colorburst powders I coloured the image. I don't have any blue so for the background I used mermaid lagoon and a watercolour brush.

there are tiny specs of different colour in the colourburst as I only used one for the flower and one for the leaves.

I was so excited how the background turned out I had to take a picture of it, and for that reason my card is "big"

Well here are my "fails" although I'm sure I can do something with one or two.

Top left is putting powder on first and then spraying
Bottom is using more water spritzing
the top right was using a spellbinder's stencil (never used) and mixing texture past with merlot colour burst and spreading it over the stencil (more practice would help)

Well there you have it ~ my success and my "fails", I am totally sure you are much better being "Arty" than I am so head over to the Main Blog and check out the fabulous "arty" works of my Sisters then Get Arty and join us.


Jane Willis said...

Your success is stunning and the "fails" look as if they have great potential as the basis for future makes

Chris Dring said...

Jane said exactly what I was going to say! LOVE your gorgeous card, and those so called fails have quite some potential! Well done!

Dotty Jo said...

A fabulous finished piece and some yummy 'fails' which will be magically transformed into future gorgeousness. I think we all had plenty of fun with this challenge, didn't we! Jo x

Mimi said...

Girl. Really? Fails??? I see WIN WIN WIN! First off: Your card is simply beautiful. Those color variations are just making me drool. B) Your "fails" look radical-- the possibilities, Barbara... diecuts, stickers... FUTURE FUN!

Chelle (PhotoArt/MaybeCreative) said...

Can I say I love 2 of the fails, the ones without the stencils..they are gorgeous. The card is beautiful too, you did great.

Lindsey said...

Awesome work with the colorburst, Barb! I haven't ventured into watercolouring with them yet, I always use mine for backgrounds. This is gorgeous!

Tracy said...

Your artsy card is very well done and I love how it turned out.
Isn't it fun trying new things and techniques!!!!

Donna said...

You are so arty!!! Look at all the awesome things you create!!!
There are no mistakes in art, just happy accidents!
Edna (and Bob Ross) say so