Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

Oh my goodness where on earth did 2014 go to? The days and weeks and months seemed to fly by. I hope all of you had an awesome Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s Eve and day!!! We were lucky today as we were invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s dinner and it was so delish, It’s always great when I don’t have to cook and the best part I didn’t have to do dishes either.  When invited to dinner I think we should take a bottle of wine, I have seen quite a few people making tags for the wine bottles and thought they were awesome. I used a tag I had made in October HERE is where you will find the original post with the tag on it. I just added a backing for it and punched the hole for the neck of the bottle.
I cut the purple cardstock 3 1/2 X 8 1/2 and scored it at  2 1/2 inches and punched the hole with a 1 1/4 circle punch, I did round a few of the corners .If I was making the tag from scratch I would have made it a little narrower, the original measurements were 2 3/4 inches wide.
Here is the tag off the wine bottle, I knew that tag would come in handy some day.
Thanks for stopping by today and may 2015 be wonderful.


  1. What a fun tag!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Fab tag and hmmm I could even see it as a wonderful book mark...tfs...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! <((><

  3. Your wine tag looks great!!
    Happy New year and hope you are just as crafty in the new year :)

    1. I forgot to mention that I did the My fitness pal as well..but haven't logged anything since the summer ;)

  4. This is awesome! Almost as good as the gift ;)


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